RT accounting services

Price list

We are working on contract basis. Our pricing is either hourly rates or fixed prices, based upon the amount of entries or on the basis of the number of bank/cash transactions.

1. Hourly rates – 40,98 € (50 € including VAT)
2. Pricelist of services that are charged by the number of entries* - 1,15 € (1,40 € including VAT)
3. Services based on the number of bank/cash transactions** - 2,30 € (2,80 € including VAT)

Basic services include:

  • Control, filing and recording of documents in the general ledger;
  • Sales invoices and incoming transactions recording in accounting register;
  • Accounting of purchase invoices and payments;
  • Processing of advance reports / expense reports documentation, paid with cash or credit card;
  • Processing of cash receipts;
  • Fixed assets accouting;
  • Entering purchase invoices into the bank (once a week).

Pricelist of basic services that are charged by the number of entries or on the basis of bank/cash transactions:

* 1 entry is a single supplier’s invoice or one sales invoice, one bank transaction, one cash flow, single payroll, accountancy of one main asset, one expense report, one business trip report etc, registered in accounting software. The price of 1 entry is 1,15 € (1,40 € including VAT)

** Movement of a cash register/bank transaction – the price of 1 movement is 2,30 € (2,80 € including VAT)

Pricelist of additional services:


Additional services, including reporting to Tax and Customs Board and other institutions, restoration and correction of accounting and reporting, that was carried out by the client before signing the contract, sorting and sending the documents, correcting the reports from the client side, preparation of reports for a special purpose on the request of the client, execution of travel expense reports, making of internal accounting regulations, participation in the audit


40,98 €/hour (50 € including VAT);

Reporting for the Department of Statistics (except for Intrastat)


starting from 16,39€ (20€ including VAT);

Correction of declarations from previous periods


starting from 12,30 € (15 € including VAT);

Preparation of Annual Report


starting from 163,93 € (200 € including VAT) (50% discount for small enterprises!);

Communication with the Tax and Customs Board and Estonian Health Insurance Fund (Haigekassa)


40,98 €/hour (50 € including VAT);

Making of additional reports, for example, for credit institutions


40,98 €/hour (50 € including VAT);

Warehouse accounting (one article per month)


1,64 € (2 € including VAT);

If we come to pick up documents – one-time payment


16,39€ (in Tallinn, Peetri area) (20 € including VAT).

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